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Due to rising gasoline prices, every car enthusiast wants to consume less fuel with high engine power. The manufacturer of the FuelFree economizer claims that this is already possible.

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The company claims that this technology can reduce fuel consumption by 20%. The advertisement states that the device was created by the automobile concern General Motors. However, the auto giant does not install this technology on its cars. The invention would allow the automaker to raise its prestige and increase sales. In this regard, car enthusiasts have a reasonable question about whether Fuelfree is a scam or true? The reviews given in this article will help give the answer.

FuelFree fuel saver: user reviews

Fuelfree reviews can be found both positive and negative, most often it depends on where the device was purchased and how correctly it was installed. As already mentioned, with a fast flow of fuel in the gas line, the device will not have time to operate, so expect that for every 100 horsepower in the engine, one device is needed. So for a car with a capacity of 200 hp. With. FuelFree alone will not be enough.

In addition, you should only purchase FuelFree from an official dealer or a certified supplier, the link to which will be at the end of the review. This is the case when both the size and the force of impact matter, and by installing hard drive magnets on the fuel line using blue electrical tape, big savings will not be achieved.

FuelFree often receives positive reviews:

Yaroslav - 29 years old, owner of Mitsubishi Pajero, petrol engine - 6G74 GDI - 3.5 l, 203 hp:

I first put this thing on the fuel line as an experiment, and didn’t expect any results. Just for fun. I know the fuel consumption of my car in all modes well; I’ve had it for several years. And then in the second week I began to notice that the car actually began to eat less. I can’t say that such savings are directly large - according to estimates, about 3-4 percent, but I certainly didn’t expect this either. To be honest, until recently I thought that the “fuelfree fuel saver” was some kind of scam! I immediately ordered a second unit, since the engine is large and has an excellent appetite around the city. With the second FuelFree, the savings amounted to exactly 10%, which means that in the city I save at least one and a half liters of gasoline! In general, a very unexpected result for me. Both devices paid for themselves within a month of driving in home-work mode.

Sergey Nikolaevich, owner of a Toyota Mark2, 2.5 liter engine, 6 cylinders (1JZ):

Hello, I wanted to share a review about FuelFree, a device that helps save fuel. I received it as a gift from my son, and so as not to disappoint him, I installed it right away. Frankly, it was hard to believe that it would work - I am an engineer by training, and I doubted that the effect of a magnetic field on gasoline would bring any effect. However, a short period of operation confirmed that there are savings. I drive carefully, follow the rules and rarely go into “combat” modes of engine operation, but even with an initially economical driving style, FuelFree saves me 6-8 percent of fuel on the highway, and about 14 percent when driving around the city. I can well imagine that for some it can reach the 20% declared by the manufacturer.

There are also negative reviews about FuelFree:

Mikhail – 46 years old, car Kia Sportage 2014. release:

I bought myself a fuel saver, on the advice of a friend who praised it very much. I set it for myself, but there was no result. I drove for a week with this thing under the hood, and what the on-board computer showed before then shows with it. The engine works exactly the same, it has not become quieter or more powerful. The device looks the same as my friend’s - a box of two halves, only he has one white clamp, while I had two dark ones in the kit.

Negative reviews of freefuel are most likely associated with the purchase of counterfeit devices - analogues of the device from the aliexpress website, or purchased on the car market. To avoid purchasing a counterfeit, buy only the original fuelfree fuel economizer.

Features of the device

According to the manufacturer, the device makes the dream of drivers come true, who can now not limit their movements and save on fuel. The enthusiasm of car enthusiasts is dampened by the initial investment, since the cost of the device is 3,600 rubles. Car enthusiasts who are constantly faced with intrusive advertising doubt: is the Fuelfree fuel saver a scam or not? However, many users approach this issue from a rational point of view. One-time investments will allow you to gain greater benefits in the future, since gasoline will be consumed 20% less than usual.

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The manufacturer promises that Fuelfree also protects the engine from the harmful effects of low-quality fuel. Considering the quality of fuel at some gas stations, the tempting prospect has pleased many motorists. In addition, the device allows you to increase the resources of all mechanisms and reduce the frequency of vehicle repairs.

Positive properties of FullFree

The Green Style LLC organization, which produces this device, lists its main advantages:

  1. Very easy installation, taking no more than 5 minutes. from an unprepared person.
  2. Reducing carbon-slag deposits in the engine, so the car engine can operate longer.
  3. Increasing the service life of a car catalyst (a catalyst is a component of the exhaust system of a modern car, in which harmful components of the exhaust gases are burned).
  4. Increases the service life of candles due to the absence of soot on them.
  5. FuelFree fuel saver stabilizes engine operation as a whole.
  6. Fully pays for itself in 1-2 months, depending on how the car is used.

The manufacturer also guarantees the operation of the device not only in cars and trucks, but also in other vehicles:

  • Buses;
  • Boats and other water vehicles;
  • Motorcycles, mopeds with 2-stroke engines and scooters;
  • Agricultural and construction equipment with gasoline and diesel engines.

Operating principle

FuelFree consists of paired neodymium magnets that create a powerful magnetic field. The effect uncouples the links of hydrocarbon compounds, so the fuel burns quickly. Since the magnetic field causes molecules to repel each other, the fuel burns without leaving any residue. The total number of installed magnets is calculated based on the make and model of the car. The more powerful the machine, the more magnets required. This claim is dubious because if you put 20 magnets on a small car, it shouldn't burn any fuel at all. Is it worth purchasing a new product? Is Fuelfree a scam or true? Reviews from real users cast skepticism on the effectiveness of this device.

Operating principle of the saver

Before arguing about the savings of the product in question, it is important to determine its operating principle. The product consists of 2 magnets, in the production of which alloys of neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe), and boron (B) were used. By interacting with each other, they create a high-frequency magnetic field, which breaks the molecular units of carbon in the fuel into small particles: an activation process occurs.

T0 oscillations of the magnetic field influence the carbon mixture, periodically compressing and expanding it, as a result of which the atoms create a molecular network. The process does not involve enriching the mixture with oxygen, when the octane number of the fuel decreases: diesel or gasoline, and in this case incomplete combustion occurs. The working scheme of the fuel saver, according to specialists from the Green Style company, is capable of brilliantly coping with the problem of lowering the octane number of the fuel.

It is also based on the principle of magnetic influence by grouping carbon atoms separately from each other.

What assumption can be made in this regard? The power of the power unit increases, savings appear and the prerequisites are created for engine wear resistance.

Also not least is the pressing issue of reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Important! Buy the device only on the official website so as not to harm the car and achieve results. Go to the official website >>>

How to install?

In order to take advantage of the functionality of the device, it is enough to install the accessory on the fuel supply pipe. Fasteners are included with Fuelfree. The manufacturer claims that the device has an immediate effect. To find out whether Fuelfree is a scam or true, you can study reviews from experts and real users in our article.

The manufacturer claims that Fuelfree is very easy to install in a car. However, user reviews report problems that arose as a result of installing the device. Car enthusiasts note that testing the product did not lead to noticeable results. That is why many people have a question about whether the Fuelfree fuel saver is a scam or not? Having calculated the mileage, not a single user noticed a decrease in fuel consumption.

Reviews of FreeFuel: a scam or does the device really work?

As already mentioned, in order to give the most objective assessment of the work of the Free Full economizer, we will turn to the opinions of professionals and ordinary car enthusiasts.

Experts' opinions

Before you read the reviews, you can read the story of one taxi service owner who put a saver on all his cars and was able to reduce the cost of trips by 20%. Read the taxi owner's blog »

I am an auto mechanic with 10 years of experience, and in my time I have come across more than one such gadget as the Fuelfree fuel saver. I will say right away that until I see with my own eyes the official test results for this device, I will not recommend it left or right.

The only thing I can advise those who want but are hesitant to buy a device is to take two neodymium magnets and secure them with electrical tape in the right place. If the effect does not keep you waiting, then feel free to buy Free Full in the store, otherwise, it’s better not to risk it.

Alexey Kriventsov – auto mechanic (Moscow)

I first came across Freefuel analogues back in the early 90s, when I was driving foreign cars from Germany. Back then, every second car had a similar accessory. Quite recently, I myself installed Free Full on my fourth generation Lexus LS, the savings are immediately noticeable - 3-4 liters per 100 km. As for power, I have nothing to say here, since I practically don’t drive in sport mode, but judging by the feedback from my service station clients, the increase is more than noticeable.

Alexey Ignatiev – owner of a service station (Kaliningrad)

The fact that Freefuel works is a fact, but the manufacturer’s claims about 20% fuel savings are a scam, or as it is now called a “marketing ploy.” Those. This can be done in laboratory conditions. However, in practice, the results range from 10-12% (in some cases - 15%).

Moreover, when using the economizer, the internal parts of the engine actually wear out at an enviably lower rate. Perhaps, for me, this is the main argument that prompted me to choose Free Full.

Igor Zhuk – car service manager (St. Petersburg)

In our store Freefuel sells with a bang! We, in turn, advise clients, select the optimal size of magnets for certain types and sizes of engines. In our city, more than half of the minibuses already use this economizer, which naturally confirms the quality and efficiency of the device.

I would just like to add: in pursuit of saving fuel, there is no need to install a certain number of devices on one car, otherwise you will not achieve anything. After all, there is a standard by which an accessory is selected directly for your car. Otherwise, I know of one case when a buyer managed to put six Free Fulls on his GAZelle. Of course, there is no sense in this.

Evgeniy Doroshenko – employee of a car shop (Dnepropetrovsk)

At one time, it was fundamentally important for me to improve the driving performance of the car, but with our exchange rate it is impossible to buy good spare parts from foreign manufacturers. What can we talk about if all the sponsors' money and the lion's share of wages were spent on consumables - fuel, motor oil, tires, brake pads. Imagine my surprise when, on the advice of a friend, I tried Freefuel for the first time. The car really increased its speed, even if by 3-5 km/h. I think that this is a “cosmic” indicator for your money.

Alexander Kosygin – racing driver (Gomel)

Customer Reviews

My husband insisted on buying Freefuel for a long time, and I in every possible way refused to allocate money for dubious expenses. Because I found a lot of information about this device on the Internet, where users write about a real scam. But still, the persuasion of my loved one worked.

Immediately after installation, Free Fula went to the dacha. Usually it took me 10 liters of gasoline for a round trip, but this time the car needed no more than 8 liters. Thus, all fears and reviews about deception were not confirmed; on the contrary, for 2,000 rubles. I received an excellent and, most importantly, working saver. Thank you, Green Style!

Evgenia Mazurka (Stavropol)

I use a used Japanese scooter as a vehicle. Before Freefuel, the moped consumed at least 4 liters per hundred, now I get by with 3.4 liters. I recommended the device to a neighbor, who says that he wasted his money, saying that his old Niva began to pick up speed better, and the fuel consumption remained almost the same, with a difference of 2 liters.

Then he hit me to the quick, this is what happens, 2 liters of gasoline in our city costs 40 UAH, Free Full - about 360 UAH. Using the method of simple mathematical calculations, we come to the conclusion: on the neighbor’s VAZ 2121, the economy will pay off in just 900 km! Will there be more?

PS People, before speaking negatively about Freefuel, take a calculator and calculate the real benefits!

Grigory Fomin (Sumy)

Two years ago I installed an American analogue of Free Full made from the same neodymium alloy on my Jeep. Fuel consumption is the same as before. At the same time, I noticed two interesting things. Firstly, in winter the car began to start better. Secondly, now there is no difference between the A-92 and A-95. Although the car service assured me that the engine would not last even a month on a domestic A-92.

Soon we will buy a car for my wife, then I will test Freefuel, I hope it will not disappoint.

Andrey Pivovarov (Volgograd)

I own a private fishing company. We mainly work for the Kerch fish processing plant. Recently we started using Free Full. We attach it to the diesel drive of the longboat. In one trip, the guys and I manage to save up to 4 liters of diesel fuel per boat. We make 2-3 trips to sea per day, the total number of vessels is 10. Therefore, our small, sometimes unprofitable business, has reduced the total fuel consumption per day by 80-120 liters. Draw your own conclusions.

Andrey Portnikov (Kerch)

My relationship with Freefuel developed this way. At first I doubted it, but then I bought it for 1,800 rubles. I installed it myself, without outside help - nonsense for my, frankly speaking, “crooked” hands. Then, having driven 100 km, I calculated that I began to spend 200 rubles on gasoline. less than before. Regarding the increase in horsepower and other “tricks” that the manufacturer claims, I can’t say anything. The main thing is that it saves fuel, but I don’t care about anything else.

It was funny to see how in the advertising video posted on the official Green Style website, a healthy man stops by at a service station to install an economizer. After all, even a child can cope with this.

Yulia Yanko (Moscow)

The essence of technology

Common sense suggests that magnetic devices cannot crush the links and molecules of substances. For these purposes, a hadron collider or nuclear reactor is used. Any fuel is a substance that does not conduct electric current well, so a multi-meter magnet is needed to distill molecules.

Breaking molecular chains will require a powerful power plant. It is logical that small magnets physically cannot influence fuel molecules, and a magnetic field cannot affect impurities that are part of any fuel. Reviews from real users report that the use of FuelFree does not reduce fuel consumption. The manufacturer claims that the device is in high demand in America and Europe. Moreover, the device provides an increase in engine power, increases wear resistance and reduces the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Operating principles of the FuelFree fuel saver device

In order to understand the principle of operation of FuelFree, you first need to understand how a magnetic field acts on a directed flow of liquid hydrocarbons, which are the fuel of a car. Here's how FuelFree experts described the work process.

Review of FuelFree and description of the mechanism of its impact on the operation of the internal combustion engine

The fuel flow in the fuel line is turbulent - chaotic and unstable; it is partially leveled only when it enters the injector or carburetor (on older car models). But in general, the more evenly fuel enters an internal combustion engine, the higher its efficiency, and the more economical it is for the same power.

Is it possible to align the movement of fuel in the fuel line and make it laminar, without mixing and pulsations, using a magnetic field?

Gasoline is a dielectric and does not conduct electricity, so you might think that a magnetic field would not affect it. But gasoline is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, which contains lead and sulfur compounds, as well as (thanks to the additives used) a large number of other chemicals, including magnesium and manganese. In addition, it should be remembered that gasoline moves in the fuel line, which means it generates its own small electromagnetic field. For those who do not know, even natural gas moving in a gas pipeline also generates such fields, although it is a dielectric, and underground metal protection circuits are used to remove them. Therefore, the magnetic field will influence the flow of gasoline in the fuel line in any case. Research into its influence and the opportunities it opened up were carried out back in the USSR, but were quickly curtailed, since the cost of gasoline in those years was insignificantly low, but powerful neodymium magnets were produced in tiny quantities and rarely left the walls of research institutes.

Is a magnetic field acting perpendicularly on a chaotic flow of liquid hydrocarbons capable of leveling it out? Partially yes. It will not be possible to make the flow ideally laminar, but it is quite possible to reduce its fluctuations and turbulence by approximately 30%. The main thing is to correctly select the strength of the magnetic field and the speed of movement of gasoline in the fuel line. The higher the speed of movement, the greater the magnitude of the magnetic field must be to remove turbulence and eliminate turbulence.

A similar effect, up to a change in rigidity, can be achieved by magnetohydrodynamic treatment (MHDT) of a water flow, mind you - precisely the flow. The magnetic field will not affect stationary hydrocarbons, and a neodymium magnet brought to a container with gasoline, if it can somehow change its structure, will only be by tenths of a percent.

By eliminating turbulence, gasoline flowing evenly to the injection nozzle or carburetor will actually increase the efficiency of the internal combustion engine, since the operation of the system will be more stable. Calculations show that an increase in efficiency by 2% should give fuel savings of 15-20%

Therefore, the FuelFree fuel saver may well provide the positive properties declared by its developers.

Positive reviews of FuelFree specialists are confirmed by the certificate of conformity of the Central Research Institute for Denaturation Problems, according to which the device has passed the appropriate test protocol.

But future FuelFree buyers need to be careful, as there are many counterfeits of the original product, which use the most common ferromagnets instead of neodymium magnets. Accordingly, the field they generate is not enough to neutralize the uneven movement of fuel in the fuel line hose. Analogues will never be able to perform their functions as well as the original device.

Fuelfree - scam or truth: user reviews

To form an objective opinion about this invention, you should study the experience of the owners of this device. By looking at reviews from real users, we can answer the question: Is FreeFuel a scam or true? Some argue that breaking molecular bonds is impossible when exposed to a conventional magnet. Other reviews report that the device can work effectively when used correctly.

Many comments note that Fuelfree for fuel economy is a scam, since car enthusiasts did not receive the effect promised by the manufacturer. There is an assumption that disappointed drivers purchased a Chinese counterfeit, which uses a regular magnet. The original device has neodymium magnets. Many say that the device is completely ineffective and is a scam of people out of money. Dissatisfied users claim that Fuelfree is useless because the magnetic field cannot split hydrocarbon fuel molecules.

Economizer cost

Under no circumstances buy Free Full from unverified sellers. The fact is that some sellers, purchasing goods from the manufacturer, then resell them at inflated prices, while others try to sell low-quality Chinese counterfeits. To avoid falling for such a scam, look for the saver on the official website. By the way, it is possible that the company will offer you a discount when purchasing a product here:

Official cost of the device:

Public opinion

Some reviews contain information that the device allows you to save fuel consumption by no more than 10%. At the same time, the internal parts of the engine wear out at a lower rate.

Some users tested the device on slopes, on the highway, in the city, but studies did not show savings. Fuelfree - a scam or not? Reviews from experts say that the invention is designed for gullible motorists who want to save money. It is from this category of citizens that the device manufacturer makes money. Be that as it may, there is still debate over whether FuelFree is a scam. User reviews dive into the world of automotive discussions, in which you can find a grain of truth.

What is FreeFuel?

A device that helps to significantly reduce fuel consumption and prevent rapid engine wear. According to the manufacturer, the device reduces the amount of gasoline consumed by up to 20%.

Is this feature of the FreeFuel device a scam or not? Reviews say that the saver really works, and all negative reviews are either the machinations of competitors or the result of purchasing goods from scammers. But is this really so? The essence of the device’s operation will help you understand this issue in more detail.

Brief conclusion

To give an objective assessment of the Fuelfree economizer, we presented reviews from professionals and ordinary car enthusiasts. Experts claim that the declared capabilities of the device completely contradict the laws of physics. If a car enthusiast is in doubt, he can purchase two neodymium magnets and secure them with electrical tape. If the effect does not take long to appear, you can safely purchase this device. Otherwise, it is better not to risk your money. There is no need to chase every new product that appears on the automotive technology market. So, is Fuelfree for fuel economy a scam? Reviews from many motorists warn against purchasing the device.


Fuel shark saving product

Now the fuel saving device Fuel shark has appeared on the market. Its principle is to influence the electrical system of the machine. It represents an electrolytic capacitor connected to the main power supply system of the car. In case of increased loads, to facilitate the operation of the generator, the capacitor compensates for the voltage drop on installations such as wipers, headlights, audio devices, and air conditioning.

With the help of Fuel shark the battery is unloaded. The operation of the power supply system is leveled out, which contributes to the stability of the voltage supply to the spark plugs and the creation of a higher-quality spark. Such operating conditions ensure more productive combustion of combustible materials and facilitate the operation of the battery and generator.

The device consists of a capacitor placed in a box that has a regular light bulb. To charge the capacitor, it is plugged into the car's cigarette lighter socket.

  • will increase the resource of the main components, which include the engine, battery and spark plugs;
  • will increase mileage;
  • will reduce gasoline consumption by up to 30%;
  • will significantly reduce the exhaust carbon monoxide emissions.

The device is easily fixed. With the help of a lightweight and compact economizer, you can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing fuel.

Real reviews of the Fuel shark economizer are contradictory. On the one hand, these are satisfied car drivers, on the other, harsh critics. What is this, a deception or tricks of competitors?

After familiarizing yourself with the available devices, their characteristics and operating features, you can choose the appropriate option.

Thus, by installing a simple fuel saving device for your car, you can significantly reduce fuel costs.

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