DIY bumper for UAZ 3303

Front bumper for UAZ-loaf © Maryan Popovich [maryan]

Firstly, we need to give credit to the Engineer, as my son would say, “Respect and respect,” because his drawings were taken as the basis. So, in order. Having downloaded the drawings of the front bumper, I made a model of the bumper (without arches) from galvanized steel and installed it on the UAZ.

Since this bumper was not designed for this car, I had to make 4 cuts and, moving the front part of the bumper away from the car, bend the bumper wings to an acceptable size (the face of the loaf is still somewhat rounder than that of the bobby), and then fix it with self-tapping screws

Next came pure “aesthetics”; I didn’t quite like the fangs of the bumper

and I went “the other way,” as Vladimir Illich used to say, that is, I changed the design a little

After all the above manipulations, the bumper was made into metal (3mm thick). With the arches it was more difficult, but solvable. I took the dimensions from a photograph of the RIF bumper for UAZ-31. installed by someone on Buhan, which was also downloaded from the Internet. Using the distortion coefficient, you can find out the size of interest with “acceptable” accuracy for a bumper.

Example : Knowing (measuring) the actual diameter, for example, of a UAZ headlight, let’s say 180 mm, and the size of the same headlight in the photo, let’s say 9 mm, we have 180/9 = 20, this is the coefficient. distortions We measure the thickness of the pipe on the kenguryatnik in the same photo, we have 3 mm 3x20 = 60 mm, that is, the actual size of the pipe in the photo is approximately 60 mm. The more photos, the more accurate the calculation of the size will be, the numbers for the example were taken “from scratch.” It seems to be clearly stated.

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