Replacement of Daewoo Nexia/ Daewoo Lanos/ rear wheel bearings

Replacing and selecting the front wheel bearing for Daewoo Nexia 8kl and 16kl, N150

Replacing the wheel bearing on a Daewoo NEXIA is necessary when a specific noise appears from the wheels. This characteristic noise varies depending on the road surface. On a good one, the hum decreases or disappears, and it will seem that no repairs are needed, but as soon as the wheels move onto a bad road, the noise appears again.

Such a breakdown threatens an accident; at any moment it can jam and tear the wheel off the axle. At the same time, the front wheels may not wear out evenly. The first one may be unusable, but the second one may turn out to be quite functional.

Daewoo Nexia - video of replacing the front wheel bearing

We invite car owners to watch a video of replacing a Daewoo Nexia wheel bearing on our website. Replacement of Lada rear wheel bearing. It covers the process of dismantling and installing hub elements, as well as the nuances of correct and effective troubleshooting.

Replacing the Daewoo Nexia wheel bearing is possible without removing the steering knuckle. However, for this you need to have a Daewoo Nexia hub puller. A cup puller can be purchased today at any large auto parts store. This puller will not only save you time, but will also allow you to carefully install the new bearing without using a sledgehammer and possibly damaging the wheel bearing.

Below are detailed instructions for replacing the wheel bearing on a Daewoo Nexia. If you have a puller, then it is better to do the work in a pit or overpass.

Replacing a Daewoo Nexia wheel bearing: how to understand that it is required

To find out whether the front wheel bearing of the Daewoo Nexia requires repair and replacement, you need to do the following:

  1. Raise the desired side with a jack;
  2. Hold the wheel with both hands and check the play.

If there is free play, the problem must be corrected. In the factory, everything is securely fixed with rings on both sides in the grooves of the body and therefore the hub must be stationary.

Another sign of the need for replacement is that the hum disappears/appears when turning. For example, if the noise disappears for a short time when turning right, then the problem is on the left side, and vice versa.

The same signs of malfunction are characteristic of the rear wheel bearings on the Daewoo Nexia.

Replacing the Daewoo Nexia rear wheel bearing with your own hands: instructions, video, dimensions and numbers

The rear wheel bearing on the Daewoo Nexia is located in the rear wheel hub, which is attached to the brake drum from the inside. The rear hub bearing assembly consists of two open tapered roller bearings, one inner (large) and one outer (small).

With proper operation and maintenance, the spare part will last more than 50,000 km. Reasons for failure that will require replacing the rear wheel bearing of the Daewoo Nexia:

  • Leakage of lubricant and ingress of dirt and moisture through the seals (the raceways of the rings, rollers and separator are damaged);
  • Driving over potholes and uneven surfaces;
  • Wear of the seating surface on the axle shaft and rotation of the axle shaft;
  • Drum imbalance, rear hub wear on Daewoo Nexia;
  • Other rear suspension problems.

The article describes in detail how to correctly replace the rear wheel bearing on a Daewoo Nexia: make a diagnosis, remove the old one and install a new one. Recommendations on the selection of spare parts are given, as well as the nuances of repairs and instructions for adjusting the bearing clearance. Preview the video on how to replace the rear wheel bearing of Daewoo Nexia.

Front wheel bearing Daewoo Nexia: features of choice

Daewoo Nexia front wheel bearing size

The actual size of the front wheel bearing of the Daewoo Nexia depends on the type of wheel. Models before 2008 may have a 13th diameter, in which case the size will be 64*34*37.

For the 14th diameter, the wheel bearing has dimensions of 39*72*37 mm.

This information can also be obtained from dealers or managers of a certified service station. The numbers in the catalog cannot change, but new ones may appear, since the assortment is constantly updated.

Daewoo Nexia front wheel bearing number

Catalog numbers of major manufacturers:

ManufacturerCatalog numberA country
ZAZ1102-03. 90279331 / 94535247 / 09267-34003 / 09267-34001 / 94535249 / 94536117 / 94535249 / 95983139 / 94536117 /2108-3103020Russia
FAG, OPEL1603192Germany
OPEL90486458, 328104, OP-WB-11090France
JP GROUP08141200200Denmark
FEBI003270, 003271Germany
ILJINIJ111009, CX 080-A, 713644160, 03270, 201040, 111009, 012-AKorea
OPTIMAL201032, 713644170Germany

Price of front wheel bearing Daewoo Nexia

Products produced by the Volzhsky plant with the VPZ marking will cost from 450 rubles. (cat. no. 537708). Also a good manufacturer is FAG, a world leader in their manufacture (catalog no. 803646). They are about three times more expensive than domestic ones due to the higher quality materials and technologies used.

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The right bearing was humming, the left one was rustling - I decided to change both

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