Armrest Alamar Lada Granta installation

TOP 5 armrests for Lada Granta: comparison of prices and characteristics

An armrest is a special part of a car seat on which you can rest your arms while driving. It helps relieve stress on the arm muscles during a trip and thus avoid premature driver fatigue.

Armrests for Lada Granta are manufactured by Armster, Alamar and Varta. There are also Chinese-made armrests for this car model.

Original armrests in their original place

The original armrests are made by Armster. They are functional and beautiful black models, with adjustable lift angle between the seats (maximum lift angle is 105 degrees), with a removable top cover and additional space under it, where you can store various travel items, and are also equipped with a pen holder. The main advantage of such an armrest is that it fits perfectly under the required console!

Price: from 3912 rubles - out of stock

Armrests Alamar

Alamar produces budget options for armrests for Lada Granta, which, despite fairly low prices, are of fairly high quality. Alamar armrests are equipped with a removable zippered cover, which is available in black and gray, matte or metallic. These armrests are only suitable for cars that do not have height adjustment!

Price : from 900 rubles - out of stock

Varta armrests

These handy armrests fit into the rear cup holder so you can use the handbrake with ease. They also have a removable cover made of high-quality leatherette, the so-called “eco-leather,” which is very pleasant to the touch, easy to clean and does not wear out over time. The armrest can withstand a vertical load of up to 80 kg!

Universal armrests

To be honest, in universal armrests, universality has only one name, based on which they should fit any car of any brand. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. Most often, there is a situation where a car owner who has bought such a “universal” armrest has to independently adjust it, tighten it, file it and try to fit it in its normal place. And such manipulations do not always achieve the desired result. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to purchase such armrests.

Where to buy armrests for Lada Granta?

You can purchase armrests for the Lada Granta car by contacting our company! Call us - and we will be happy to help you choose a suitable armrest and give detailed explanations on its installation! Our company works directly with manufacturers of armrests, so we guarantee the quality of the products we sell and also offer prices that are almost no different from the factory prices! Our company also offers convenient conditions for delivery of goods throughout the Russian Federation!

Instructions: install the armrest for Lada Granta with your own hands!

  • Remove the seat and tilt it to the left without removing it from the car;
  • Unscrew the decorative plastic trims;
  • Pull out the seat adjustment knob;
  • Remove the M8 bolts securing the back of your seat;
  • Install the armrest;
  • Tighten the M8 bolts;
  • Install decorative trims;
  • Place the seat back into the car.

An armrest is one of the popular car accessories that is loved by all car enthusiasts.

The developers of the LADA Granta car did not provide for the presence of an armrest even in the Luxury configuration. And although many owners of this model have no questions about its absence, the majority of them would also like to install it in their car. After all, in general, an armrest is a fairly useful and functional accessory. Having it in the car allows you to keep the necessary things at hand and, in a sense, increases the comfort of the driver and front passenger, providing them with additional support for their hands.

How to install an armrest on a Lada Granta?

The armrest is a familiar device for everyone. A simple and unsophisticated option that can make the life of a motorist much more pleasant and comfortable. However, Dastun on-Do and mi-Do are deprived of such help. It is not surprising that car owners are beginning to think about purchasing the product and installing it themselves.

All such products are divided into 4 large groups, each with its own characteristics. And these are not only those armrests that are produced for Datsun, but also those that can be adapted. By the way, since the Japanese model is in many ways identical to the Lada Granta, you can use the armrests for the On-Do that are designed for domestic cars.

Type 1 - Alamar armrests, or other cheap analogues - from 700 rubles.

This product can be purchased in any online store, because it is the most popular. It is cheap and convenient, and does not cause any trouble during installation in Mi-Do. In general, you can do it in a quarter of an hour if you have a screwdriver and a wrench. In addition, such a product is able to move longitudinally together with the seat, which is convenient for tall drivers.

Photo of the “Alamar” armrest.

The only downside is the lack of a niche for small items.

Type 2 - not expensive, simple, convenient, but without “cool things”

This is a Multi Console Box type product. It is noteworthy that it was made following the example of the Armster armrest, but much cheaper due to 2 factors:

  • — lack of standard mounting in the interior;
  • - frankly cheap plastic, which cannot be compared with that from which the branded product is made.

Photo of an example of a relatively affordable product, but with claims to premium.

You can secure it in 3 ways. The easiest way is to buy an adapter from Armster and fix the product to it. For those who like to do it themselves, we can recommend cutting out corners from metal, onto which they can be mounted in the Datsun. Well, for the most impatient, a simple method is suitable, according to which the product is simply placed between the seats.

Armrest mount with clips.

Type 3 - made of wood, there is a box for small items

This is a universal version of the FK AR-42007 type. Its advantage is the extreme ease of installation, when the armrest is simply placed between the seats, since there are no brackets for fastening it in the On-Do cabin. It is made of wood and covered with leatherette on top. In addition, it has a convenient box where you can put small items and other items.

Option made of wood and leatherette.

On the other hand, it does not have a rigid fixation. Consequently, it can be moved from its place, even inadvertently, which often happens when passengers are sitting on the rear sofa - they touch the armrest with their feet.

Type 4 - armrests from China

This includes all other products - these are universal goods from China that are used by the owners of Dastun On-Do and Mi-Do. The price for them varies from 500 rubles to infinity, depending on the type of fastening and additional functions.

Ubiquitous Chinese consumer goods.

It is best not to skimp and purchase a quality product - this will be an armrest with a box for small items, adjustable, stylish in appearance and of high quality. It will cost about 1,600 rubles. The most economical option would be an armrest from Alamar, it will cost 700 rubles (+10-20% depending on inflation), you can buy it on their website

Armrest type “2” is the best option!

In this case, most Datsun owners are inclined to purchase a product under type 2, and for more reliable fixation it is recommended to use the factory mount.

First, this mount is installed.

It must be installed at the parking brake handle.

The photo clearly shows the holes for the screws.

There are technological holes into which the existing screws are screwed.

This is what the installed landing pad looks like.

This armrest has a movable upper part.

In this position it is much easier to find anything.

It can be raised in order to safely use the on-Do parking brake.

The “handbrake” is completely open if you move the device box up.

The strength of this mount is that its rigid fixation ensures its immobility.

This position of the armrest not only does not interfere with the adjustment of the seats, but also prevents it from being accidentally moved.

In general, this headrest is very comfortable for the hand, which is clearly visible from above.

The armrest is not too wide, but sufficient for the driver's arm.

And it fits perfectly into the interior of the Dastun salon not only in its shape, but also in its color scheme.

A harmonious combination with other interior elements is important.

Installing the Alamar armrest on a Datsun

1. Install the seat into the car interior

2. Remove the seat and tilt it inside the car to the left side

3. Unscrew the screws securing the decorative plastic trims

4. Pull out the seat back tilt adjustment knob

5. Using a 13mm wrench, unscrew the two M8 bolts securing the seat back

6. Install the armrest and tighten two M8 bolts

7. Install the decorative trims and the seat back tilt adjustment knob in their original place

Video with instructions for installing the armrest

discount 80,000 rub.


Loan 4.5% / Installments

Trade-in / 95% approval

No down payment

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Review of existing models

The domestic market is filled with a wide variety of armrest models. At the same time, sellers offer a large number of inexpensive Chinese-made samples. As a rule, they are universal and of low quality. The appearance of parts made of cheap plastic cannot decorate the interior of the LADA Granta car. True, some car enthusiasts cover them with leather or cover them with carpet (non-woven material that is resistant to friction). They also paste it over the walls of the inner compartment of the armrest and then small things placed in the compartment do not jingle while the car is moving.


2.AR 902 “Comfort”: black, 140 x 250 x 65 mm. The covering is fabric, fleecy. Mounting method: on a metal leg.
3.AR 917 “Premium”: block – module. Black color. Method of fixation: on a support between the seats. Parameters: 138 x 230 x 450 mm. With an internal compartment for storing small items. Art. B56544
4.VS BOX leatherette, fixation: on a metal support. Dimensions: 68 x 12 x 19 cm. Color: black
5.VS-AVTO premium armrest. Material leatherette, color black. Mounting: on a metal leg. Art. VAM5244

Conclusion The armrest in the Lada Granta is an indispensable thing for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel and drive long distances. From time to time you can lean on your elbow and relieve the load on your spinal column. As for the price segment, we won’t recommend it here, since everyone has an individual budget.

DIY armrest

There is another option that will allow you to give the interior of the LADA Granta a unique individuality - make an armrest with your own hands.

To do this, having measured the dimensions of the space between the driver and front passenger seats, you need to:

  • make a corresponding box from plywood and sheathe (cover) it with carpet (leather, leatherette, etc.);
  • make metal fastening elements and a mechanism for tilting the box back;
  • Using standard furniture hinges, close the box with a hinged lid. It must first be covered with foam rubber and covered with the same material as the box;
  • Secure all metal parts to the box and install it between the chairs.

Choosing a good armrest for Grant

You can purchase the element with different types of fasteners and covers. It is permissible to use products suitable for both Kalina and Granta. An excellent solution would be a universal model that can easily fit into any design.

You can buy a high-quality Grant armrest with a folding or retractable lid: the second type is more practical to use.

The main materials from which the add-ons are made are plastic and leatherette. But the leather armrest for the Lada Grant promises a longer service life.

The most expensive option will be a model made from a combination of wood, metal and leather. True, it looks rich and complements the interior design well.

The presence of several divided cells in the box will allow you to store much more small items, parts or keys. But a single space is suitable for transporting car documents, passports and other important small papers.

If necessary, the driver can easily remove them from the box. Such Granta armrests will be useful for employees of city delivery services or interregional transport: everything they need will always be at hand.

Making an armrest

If you have visited all the specialized retail outlets, looked at the websites of online stores, and your Lada Granta still does not have an armrest, because you don’t like anything, you can make the part yourself. With this approach, the interior of your car will acquire an individual “zest” and a touch of exclusivity, because such an element will only be in your car.

The first stage of making an armrest yourself is preparing a sketch. It is done on paper. This is a picture of what you want when the job is completed. In the drawing it is important to indicate the dimensions taken in advance. Now we need the material from which the armrest will be made. Usually it is made from plywood: the floor, walls and cover of the future part are cut out.

When the plywood blanks are cut, proceed to assembly. Fasten all the elements together: this is done with ordinary self-tapping screws. If you want to make your armrest soft, then glue foam rubber to the cover. Then the part needs to be “dressed” beautifully. Carpet, natural and artificial leather are suitable as coverings. If necessary, pieces of the selected material are sewn together.

For those who choose leather for upholstery, a little advice: if, when stretching, you see that folds appear on the armrest, heat the material. A hairdryer is suitable for this. Simply direct a stream of hot air onto your skin. Don't be afraid, it will not deform, but will only become elastic. The main thing is to make sure that the material does not melt. In general, don't overdo it.

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