Methods for unscrewing the oil filter

What to do if the oil filter does not turn away. Methods for unscrewing the oil filter

How and with what to unscrew the oil filter when changing the oil if it is too tight. There is, of course, a ready-made special device for removing the oil filter. You can buy it in the store. But it may also turn out to be useless, because it is not universal. There may be a situation where you didn’t immediately figure out how the puller will fit next to the filter; the puller also has its own dimensions. There are also cheap and inconvenient pullers (made “for show”), some kind of design with a chain. It’s even worse if you bought an expensive and good one, but it doesn’t fit into small gaps, where only a hand can hardly fit. There were several cases when I used “my” special puller

He cannot be one of his own, because something similar was suggested. Then you just had to find your own “improvements.” Those present usually approved of this method. I have never been disappointed in this method. There are special pullers and there are barbaric methods for unscrewing a “stuck” oil filter. For example, you can pierce the filter through with a sharp pin and twist it, obtaining a lever. You can even drive the sharp end of a file into the filter instead of a pin and do the same. You can also hammer the handles of pliers into the filter and come up with a lever in the form of a strong pin or pry bar. But the inconvenience is that you have to get your hands and everything nearby dirty. You can keep things simple and unscrew the filter using a regular belt

Many people may have heard about the “belt,” but it doesn’t always help unless you make a special loop

. This loop was shown to me once as a joke (at least try to remove it from your hand... etc. I couldn’t remove it myself then) and later I found a worthy use for it. What makes it special is that the tighter you pull the loop, the tighter it tightens. You won’t be able to remove it back in the usual way unless you know that you just need to “unwind” it in the opposite direction. If you try to use a loop with the name ... this (I don’t specify) - the method of unscrewing the filter always helps.

You can watch about the loop and how to drain the oil without getting dirty on the player. My hands are dirty again, for which I apologize. If I had prepared carefully, I might not have gotten any recording. While I was preparing for the recording, I would have changed my mind and filmed. It takes a long time to prepare for such a recording, and it took seconds to twist the filter. I wish the same for you in “testing” this method. ...

By the way, as in any business, there are always “various nuances.” I have been using this universal method for a long time, but I found myself in this situation. On Toyota Caldina, the proven method suddenly did not work. Toyota has a very small oil filter and in a very inconvenient place under the manifold. For some reason, the device began to scroll (and the filter is very small, and the buckle is very large). What helped was that I placed a screwdriver under the loop, directly on the body of the filter; when the loop was tightened, it crushed the filter, the loop stopped spinning and the filter immediately moved out of place.

I wish you good luck in using it!

December 2015

Another way, another device

Not all filters lend themselves to this method. We will look for a way, for example, for the Hyundai i-10

Finally I saw a truly ready-made universal tool for unscrewing oil filters. Spied on in a neighbor's garage. Standard set of pullers for all sizes.

How to remove the oil filter?

Often when changing the oil in a car, the question of how to remove the old oil filter suddenly comes to the fore. It would seem that there is nothing complicated in this matter - the filter just needs to be unscrewed and removed. But everything happens so simply only in theory, but in reality sometimes it turns out that the filter is tightened so tightly that it is impossible to unscrew it by hand. In such a situation, you can solve a sudden problem in two ways - take the car to a service station and change the oil there, or try to unscrew the filter yourself.

How and with what can this be done?

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the main methods that will allow you to dismantle the filter device with your own hands.

User Andrey Florida in his video explained how to replace the oil filter and what options are available for dismantling it.

Can you twist it by hand?

There are special tools for dismantling the filter device. But you can also unscrew it yourself. If the sticking of the device is strong, a tool or improvised devices will be required for dismantling.

Which way should I unscrew?

The filter is dismantled by turning its housing counterclockwise.

Special key

You can use a special key to unscrew it. This is an effective method, but to implement it you will need to purchase a tool. You will find several key options on sale:

  • chain;
  • clamping tool;
  • tape;
  • screw puller.

How to use it correctly?

To unscrew it with a chain or other special wrench, hook the filter device with a tool, securely fix it and remove it by turning it counterclockwise.

Rope (belt) and screwdriver

To remove the device without a tool, use a belt or rope with a screwdriver:

  1. A screwdriver is used to pierce the body of the filter device, as a result of which the tool is used as a lever. When using a screwdriver, you need to pierce the element right through, this will make twisting more effective.
  2. When using a belt or rope, the dismantling method simulates the use of a special key. The strap should be wide and made of leather or leatherette. A loop is made, after which it is tightened on the device itself counterclockwise. For quick dismantling, give a sharp tug on the rope or strap. The removal process may be difficult due to the strap slipping. Then insert a piece of sandpaper into the loop itself and perform the described steps again.

Hammer and long screwdriver

This method of unscrewing a part is similar to the screwdriver method. Its implementation is relevant if you pierced the filter, but could not move it from its place. Then dismantling the device is possible by applying force from blows with a hammer to the screwdriver handle.

Hammer and chisel

If these dismantling methods do not help or the housing of the filter device is damaged, then use a chisel instead of a screwdriver. Make a small notch on the part for the chisel to rest against. We begin to hit the instrument with a hammer. This usually helps to quickly unscrew the filter.

Homemade instrument

You can change the filter and dismantle the device with a homemade puller. The operating principle of such a tool is identical to a special key.

You will learn about making your own dismantling tool from the video. The material was filmed and made public by the kv3st channel.

You need to build such a device yourself:

  1. You will need a bicycle chain, or rather a section of it. When dismantling the filter in domestically produced VAZ cars, the optimal chain size is 30 links.
  2. The chain is connected into a ring; a lock or rivet is used for fixation.
  3. You will need an unnecessary head from a 19 or 22 socket wrench. You need to make a cut in it that matches the size of the bicycle chain.
  4. Install the extension into the connecting square hole on the head. Use an awl or ratchet. For reliable fixation, the diameter of the extension must be equal to the size of the hole.
  5. Unscrew the filter device by turning it counterclockwise.

Gas key

The use of this method is relevant if there is free space around the device. Hook the oil filter housing with the tool and use its handles as a lever. Be careful not to damage other powertrain components. Be careful as some oil will come out of the filter when removing it.

How to unscrew the oil filter

There are several ways to remove the oil filter, we will tell you about each one in order.

Method one is the most accessible and cheapest

As mentioned above, first you need to try to unscrew the oil filter with your hands through a rag. It is easier to rip the filter off the ground while the engine is still warm: after the engine has cooled down, this will be much more difficult to do. If the filter refuses to turn, you can replace the rag with a piece of sandpaper for greater grip. If this does not help, move on to the following methods.

Method two is the most effective, but quite expensive

You can easily unscrew even a seemingly “tightly stuck” filter using a special device, which you must first purchase at a car dealership. There are two types of such special pullers - chain and crab. If you decide to spend your money on purchasing such a device, it is better to buy a chain puller; it is more powerful, reliable and suitable for any type of filter, which is why at most service stations oil filters are unscrewed using chain wrenches

Method three - barbaric, but effective

You no longer need the old filter anyway, so it can easily be damaged. Punch the filter through from the side with a powerful screwdriver and, using it like a wrench, tear off and rotate the stuck filter.

Method four - using a homemade removable device

Such a removable device can be made from an old (but still intact) generator belt. It is best to use a belt from the classic Zhiguli model for these purposes. Fold the belt ring in half and you will have half loops on both sides. Pull one of them through the other and tighten slightly. As a result of this manipulation, you will have a double self-tightening loop in your hands. Place it over the filter and pull the free half-loop towards you with all your might. The harder you pull, the more the loop around the filter will tighten. Continue to pull it sideways, and when it is completely tightened, the filter will begin to rotate.

Many car enthusiasts are interested in how to unscrew the oil filter without a key. After all, such a specialized tool is not available in every garage. Especially for novice motorists. In addition, oil changes do not occur very often, after 10-20 thousand kilometers, depending on the model. Therefore, drivers simply forget about the need for this equipment. And they remember only when the oil has already been drained, and all that remains is to remove the filter, which, as luck would have it, is not easy to handle. Moreover, the work is complicated by the fact that getting to the filter turns out to be quite difficult. This is where the tools at hand come to the rescue.

How to unscrew the oil filter without a key

, this question is interesting. But many car enthusiasts are also interested in why a filter that is twisted by hand does not yield to the hands. It's all about the features of operation. It gets quite hot and the oil that gets under the threads burns. As a result, it turns out to be almost impossible to remove it without a tool. Domestic car enthusiasts have found a way out of the situation, and almost every garage will tell you how to quickly remove the filter element from the engine.


Perhaps the most famous way to remove a filter without a key. Moreover, unlike some other methods, this one can be used even if there is a shortage of space under the hood. For dismantling, the part is pierced through with a long screwdriver. After gentle but strong movements, the filter breaks off, then you can unscrew it by hand. When carrying out work, pay attention to some nuances.

Firstly, you need to punch through the body. If you pierce only one side, then with a high degree of probability you will simply crack the filter, but not unscrew it. Secondly, when removing an element from below (the machine is on an overpass or pit), you can be doused with oil, which will leak out through the holes formed.

Leather belt

This is also a very good way to unscrew the filter. Moreover, you are using an imitation of a special key. To dismantle, take a wide leather belt (leatherette is suitable). Make a loop and tighten it counterclockwise. Next, unscrew the filter with a strong and sudden movement. In exceptional cases, this may not work due to belt slippage.

This can be corrected by placing sandpaper under the belt. It keeps the belt from slipping. This method is very good. But, on some models it is applicable only from below. Sometimes the belt is replaced with a rope.

Gas key

This tool is useful when there is enough space around the power unit. This usually happens when working on a removed engine, or when it is possible to get to it from below (inspection hole). To remove it you will need a large gas wrench. They grab the filter housing and unscrew it. The role of the lever is played by the handles of the key, which are quite long. On the one hand, this helps, but at the same time, it limits the possibilities of using the technique.

When unscrewing, be careful; gripping the key damages the body and there is a risk of getting covered in oil. Taking into account its temperature (it is recommended to drain the lubricant while the engine is warm), this may not be very pleasant.

Hammer and chisel

Somehow it turns out that Russian auto mechanics can use a hammer for the most incredible operations. Including for unscrewing the oil filter. Moreover, this method is universal. It works in situations where other options have failed. To remove, using a hammer and chisel, make a notch along the body of the element. Next, a chisel is placed on it, and the filter is torn off with sweeping blows. After which, it can be unscrewed freely by hand.

These devices will also help you if the filter element housing is severely damaged. And it is simply impossible to unscrew it using the usual methods.

Installing a new filter

This is an equally important action. The correct operation of the engine largely depends on the quality of its implementation. Before installation, do not forget to wipe the area where the element is attached with a rag; any dirt that gets in can lead to serious consequences. Oil is poured into the filter housing and the rubber gasket is lubricated. The filter element is installed in place and screwed in; do not apply much force. After this, start the engine and allow it to warm up. Pay attention to the filter; if installed correctly, oil should not escape from under it.


. Changing engine oil is a mandatory and regular procedure. If you do not do it, then problems with the engine cannot be avoided. During the process of changing the lubricant, the question often arises of how to unscrew the oil filter without a key. After all, it doesn’t want to be disconnected by hand, and a specialized tool is usually not at hand at the right time. At the same time, there are plenty of ways to unscrew the filter housing.

If used periodically, you may encounter the problem of removing it. It happens that the previous element change resulted in excessive clamping. According to regulatory requirements, during maintenance, a special key is used for. It’s good for them, with excessive diligence, they can put pressure on the element being installed. Also, the filter sticks to the engine when exposed to high temperatures, due to the extended replacement period. Therefore, it is better to learn about possible ways to remove the filter part in order to easily get out of the problematic situations that have arisen.

The oil filter does not unscrew: what to do and why this problem occurs

Every driver who independently maintains a car and strives to keep the engine in good condition knows the importance of replacing the oil filter. Each oil change is accompanied by the process of replacing the oil filter and other consumables. You cannot skimp on oil filters, otherwise metal shavings (formed due to engine wear), dirt and other debris will enter the engine along with the oil, which can lead to failure of expensive parts.

The process of replacing the oil filter is quite simple. The driver needs to remove the old filter and install a new one in its place. However, there are situations when the oil filter does not unscrew. What to do in such cases will be discussed in this article.

To unscrew the old oil filter, you need to place the car on a pit or raise it using a lift. After this, you need to unscrew the consumable element, but this may be difficult. If the old oil filter cannot be unscrewed, this happens for the following reasons:

  • The filter is stuck. The engine becomes very hot during operation, which leads to the melting of elements with low heat resistance. These elements include the rubber gasket that connects the oil filter to the engine. It melts a little and sticks to the engine. If motor oil gets on it, then it becomes a kind of adhesive element, which will make it even more difficult to unscrew the oil filter;
  • The filter was tightly screwed on. When replacing the filter, it must be screwed tightly so that the rubber band is pressed tightly against the engine. In this case, the filter is often screwed on too tightly, especially when a special key is used. Combined with the melting of the gasket, it becomes almost impossible to unscrew it.

It is important that the filter is not located in the most convenient place, and it becomes impossible to apply maximum physical force. In addition, when working, your hands end up in oil, which causes slippage when trying to unscrew the filter element.

Which way does the oil filter unscrew?

When problems arise with unscrewing the oil filter, the driver may begin to be haunted by doubts about which direction the element should be unscrewed. These doubts must be discarded, since it is generally accepted that the oil filter is unscrewed counterclockwise. That is, having grasped the filter, you need to twist it to the left, just as you unscrew any standard nut or bolt (if you do not take into account elements with reverse threads).

The oil filter does not unscrew: what to do?

If you can’t unscrew the oil filter yourself, you can suggest that someone who has more strength try to do it. In most cases, you can unscrew even a strongly “stuck” oil filter without unnecessary tricks. But when you cannot unscrew the element even with outside help, you can use one of the methods described below:

  • Special wrench for oil filters. In automobile accessory stores you can find a special wrench designed to unscrew oil filters of various diameters. It is enough to hook such a key onto the element and then start rotating. Using it to unscrew the oil filter is not difficult, but not all drivers have such a key, and you must first purchase it;
  • Creating a lever. In the garage you can always find a lot of unnecessary parts and various tools from which you can build a lever. For example, you can put an old timing belt or generator belt on the key, then tie it around the filter and start rotating. Due to the unique lever and the absence of rubber sliding on the oil filter, unscrewing the element will not be more difficult than using a special wrench;
  • Screwdriver and hammer. A simple and effective method that is suitable if you are not afraid of getting dirty in oil. It implies that a screwdriver must be driven through with a hammer into the oil filter. When the filter is broken, you can use a screwdriver as a lever, unscrewing the consumable element. It should be understood that if the oil filter is broken, residual oil will flow out of it;

Please note: Some drivers recommend not punching through the filter with a hammer, but rather driving a screwdriver into the area of ​​the mounting location with a hammer. Doing this is quite dangerous, since the screwdriver may accidentally fall off and pierce the engine components.

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Removal using special pullers

Service technicians and experienced garage repairmen use special pullers to remove the filter element. They are available in 3 types:

Experts prefer chain pullers, which have greater power and reliability and are suitable for any type of filter elements. Therefore, service station technicians usually remove the oil filter with a chain wrench.

Special pullers can be purchased at auto stores. The key is placed on the body of the part being removed and securely fixed. It remains to remember that the dismantled element must be unscrewed counterclockwise. After removing the filter, make sure that the gasket is not stuck to the motor block. If necessary, remove the gasket or its parts with a scraper.

Fifth method

The oil filter can be easily unscrewed using a belt thrown in the form of a loop over the filter element:

  1. Create a double self-tightening loop by folding the alternator belt ring in half.
  2. Pull one half-loop through the other.
  3. Place a self-tightening loop over the filter device.
  4. Pull the loose half-loop towards you with force. The loop will tighten the filter element and it will begin to rotate.

Use a regular belt, place it over the filter device, tighten it, then pull it towards you.

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